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«mAARE» measures the water temperature of Bern city's river Aare fast and accurate. People love to swim in this clean river – so do we!

Tweet it and go for a swim together*
Small City – Big Pleasure – for free!

We don't take any responsibility for accidents swimming in rivers.

mAARE Website


Gravity Lander PRO

«Gravity Lander Pro» takes you on an acrobatic flight into space. New obstacles and 100 missions are ready to master gravity and debris cluttering the landing bases on Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter's moon Europa and Neptune. Imagine circus acrobatics, pinball, gamble, puzzle action fun with a rocket in retro space. Seriously addictive and intuitive physics gameplay.

Gravity Lander Pro Website



Play your results as a melody and a BEEP more than just a simple calculator. «CALCOPAC» for iPhone & iPod Touch is a tribute to the legendary 8-Bit Videopac Game Computers released between 1978 and 1983. «CALCOPAC» is a stylish retro calculator with 2 skins and 24 8-Bit sound effects. By pressing down the Play key, it plays a little melody.

Calcopac Website


BDD Buro Destruct Designer website BDD website Gravity Lander website

BDD • Büro Destruct Designer

Explore the Art of Simplicity.
«BDD» creates a virtually infinite number of beautiful designs. Using only circles, squares and a set of rules, Büro Destruct Designer lets you find inspiration for color combinations and graphic shapes.
«BDD» is available as an iPhone App, Desktop Air App and a Screensaver for Mac & PC.

BDD Website


BDD Player

Sit back and enjoy watching the «BDD Player» for iPad create a virtually infinite number of beautiful designs. Using only circles, squares and a set of rules, «BDD Player» lets you find inspiration for color combinations and graphic shapes.
Also available for the BlackBerry Playbook.

BDD Website


Gravity Lander

3 Cosmonauts bite the dust of Mars.
Help the three Cosmonauts on their missions to cleanup debris cluttering the Mars bases. The free Game «Gravity Lander» for iPhone, Android and Browser was developed for the Gameculture programme of Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council.

Gravity Lander Website


Granimator website Vintage Droplets website Typotown website

Granimator «Constructivist»

Granimator™ by ustwo™ is a creative sound based wallpaper creator for the iPad with design packs from world renowned artists. The Büro Destruct design pack «Constructivist» is inspired by the Russian Constructivism, German Dadaism, Bauhaus and the work of early Swiss graphic designers. Share your art on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter...

Granimator «Constructivist» Website


BD Vintagefoto Droplets

Red & Green analogue vibes for your Digital Camera Photos.
Just drop one or several photo JPG's (RGB) on one of the two Vintagefoto Droplets and Photoshop (CS3 - CS5) is doing the rest. Finetune the results on layers (Color tone, Vignetting, Black and White Borders.

Vintagefoto Droplets Website



The Fontographic Skyscraper.
«TypoTow»n builds skylines of cities with your favourite font in outline and tranperancy variations. Sizes and shapes of the cities are defined by the program. Letters and words build skyscrapers of your choice. «TypoTown» is available as PC Screensaver & Application.

TypoTown Website (discontinued)

BDF website BD Fontaine website 5x5 Pixler website

BDF • Büro Destruct Former

Shape your images. Just drag any image on the «BDF» window and enjoy what is happening then. Based on this background image BDF creates a vector artwork and saves it automatically as a PDF. It is a drag and drop experience - no user actions are needed. BDF is available as a program for MAC, PC and LINUX.

Former Website (discontinued)

BD Fontaine Screensaver

«BD Fontaine» is a font-fountain filling your screen with typeface characters from over hundred Büro Destruct fonts available at

BD Fontaine Website (discontinued)

5X5 Pixler

The «5X5 Pixler» generates all the 32’768 possible symetric symbols in a 5x5 grid.

5X5 Pixler Website